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Guide to sharing photos

Give me a brief summary on sharing photos.

Weekly photo challenges

What are Challenges?

New member content moderation

Why aren't my photos appearing on the site? Why can't I post comments?

Participation limits

Why are there limits on the number of photos I can upload?

Photos are adjusted during upload

In what ways are uploaded photos altered?

How do private messages work?

To whom can I send private messages?

Off-Site Links

Are there restrictions on what I can link to in the 'off-site link' field?

Tagging your photos

What are hashtags? How does tagging work?

Mobile phones

Why am I able to upload some - but not all - of the pictures I take with my mobile phone?

Deleting photos

What happens when I delete a photo?

Copyright violation

What can I do if my images are on Photo Friday without my permission?

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