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Tagging your photos

What are hashtags? How does tagging work?

Hashtags allow you to associate your photos within a category. Doing this will increase the likelihood of other members and outside visitors finding your shared photos.

To participate in any of our challenges, simply include the challenge's hashtag in your photo's title or description.

You can turn any text into a clickable hashtag by simply adding the # symbol before any continuous text. Make sure the # touches the text that follows it, and know that a space or punctuation (except for _ underscore) will end the hashtag.

Some examples: #iphone, #north_dakota, #MyDailyCommute. Play with the capitalization or add underscores if it makes your tags more legible.

Note: Hashtags on photos you've marked as 'private' will not appear on the site even though you will see the hashtag as clickable.

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