Closed shutters
I have photographed and documented a special type of closed window shutter for several years.
In the old town of Nördlingen, I noticed window shutters on houses that gave the impression that they hadn't been open for a long time. In conversation with the neighbors I found out that these houses were getting so old that it was no longer worth renovating. These buildings are often listed. The high requirements of the authority often make renovation by the owners unaffordable. However, since demolition is not permitted, the houses are often given to decay. The houses rot, become dilapidated and have a patina.

In this phase of decline, the masonry and the shutters acquire a special color with a fascinating range of tonal values. This morbid charm impressed me in my photographs. I deliberately chose the house detail "closed shutter". For me it is the metaphor for "closing your eyes" before you pass away.

At some point the houses become so dilapidated that they become a security risk. Then there is usually nothing standing in the way of a demolition. A special stroke of luck is when there is still a lover who breathes life back into the old walls.

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Jun 13 2020
Everything about this is stunning. The photo. Your words. So much beauty and emotion in decay.
beckycochrane · Jun 19 2020
I would have liked to make this picture !
Prima !
(Ich bin eifersüchtig...)
caramel · Jun 13 2020
andyslens · Jun 13 2020
Very good image of an interesting subject. Sad that they may be lost over time.
kenwhite · Jun 13 2020
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