Photo installation “attention”
Some time ago I made an art object for an exhibition.

It is a photographed human eye, enlarged to 25x25 cm, which was printed in color behind a plexiglass pane.
When the viewer approaches the image object, the pupil of the eye opens. I.e. a motion detector actuates a large slat lock, as you know it from a classic repro camera. It looks as if the eye has become aware of his counterpart. An audible mechanical noise supports the viewer with the feeling of being personally meant. Curious, you look inside the pupil and recognize yourself in a convex mirror that the mechanical shutter has opened.

I tried to implement and abstract the moment of attention

#macro, #blue,#eye, #eyes #giant #mirrors
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Aug 1 2020
I'm sure your work was a great success. Wonderful concept and excellent photograph.
kenwhite · Aug 1 2020
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