I was thinking which of the photos I took could summarize #2019 in a symbolic way? Then I thought it has to be something with Normandy. Why? Because this year started as a thriller. On my 50th birthday in march, my wife had to be operated off a cerebral tumor, a meningioma. Not a "bad" tumor, but it was situated in the worst possible plays. After 16 hours of surgery, I finally got the liberating call that all went well. And after that, her recovery went better than could ever be hoped for. So in August, I planned a small holiday in Normandy just for the 2 off us because that was where she wanted to go to for years now. And this brings me to this photo again.
A view from the cliffs of Normandy with a good view of the horizon. We don't know what is coming, everything looks good now, but you better enjoy the moments you have now. And that is what I try to keep in mind. #horizon
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Dec 25 2019
What a powerful story, Mario, and a reminder to us all. God bless and good health to all!
marc · Dec 25 2019
Best wishes for the New Year.
kenwhite · Dec 25 2019
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