Special encounter
My photo of #2021 is this one. Because of the exitement it gave me. I took another path in a small forest, one I never took before, don't know why, it was an impulse. Did not expect to encounter wildlife as I was walking with my dog. I only saw this roe because I stopped to take a photo of the forest. It was when I looked trough my camera that I saw it. But it was to far for my 250mm lens. So I said silently to my dog he had to sit down while I slowly went trough my knees to change my lens to 500mm. I slowly got up again, thinking she would be gone by now. But no, she was still there!. It was a moment of adrenaline, of wonderment and of gratitude that I could have this wonderfull moment.
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Dec 31 2021
Such a lovely composition.
marc · Mar 2 2023
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