The bitter sweet year
So many things happened this year. It was a year of opposites. In Februari my mother-in-law lost her battle against cancer. In March, the corona pandemic. Somewhere in June we harvested our first Honey. My mother lost almost all her sight. In November my wife needed radiation because a small unreachable left over of her tumor that was removed last year growed a bit. And of course there was that important American Figure who is the imbodiment of opposites.
But hey, at the end we are still standing and my family and I are doing well at this moment. So I choose for a possitive picture. We harvested our first honey and we harvested a lot. Even in difficult times, life has it sweet moments ;-) #2020
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Dec 20 2020
The bitter with the sweet. I have to believe 2021 will be better for all.
marc · Dec 20 2020
Keep staying strong...
titus · Dec 20 2020
What a year it has been. Hoping that 2021 will bring you more joys than sorrows and lots and lots of honey.
beckycochrane · Dec 20 2020
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