WTC Looking down
In 1996, my wife and I visited NYC and decided to go up to the Observation Deck at the World Trade Center. I had my trusted Canon FTb film camera. The wind was still enough so they opened up the rooftop.

Seattle Film Works was offering to digitize photos so this was the first time I had ever gotten my photos on CD... I had no idea that 5 years later, this exact scene could never be reproduced...

We will never forget. #vertical #street #skyline
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Sep 10 2016
We visited New York city when I was a small child, I think not long after WTC was completed. I'm 90% sure we went up to an observation deck of some sort. As a small kid, I found it terrifying, and there's something of that in this shot, the claustrophobic feeling those verticals give to the view. Amazing series of photos Bill!
marc · Sep 10 2016
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