Male Anna's Hummingbird
There's a term I can never remember for how the color is displayed in a hummingbird's gorget. It's highly directional, because the color isn't "local" to the feathers themselves, but is some kind of physical effect between the wavelengths of light and the structure of the feathers. (Look at me, trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about!)

In certain light and in certain angles, a male Anna's Hummingbird gorget will flash intense gold through to fuscia. They are are STUNNING to look at when the light hits them just so. At this unflattering angle, this gorgeous little guy looks pretty dark, with just a mere hint of the color at his throat.


Oh and it's an #animal, and a #hummingbird, singular, you know, just so I cover all my tagging bases...
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May 25 2020

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