Rest a while! Female Anna's Hummingbird
I mentioned in another post in late winter that I'd completely overhauled our (tiny!) backyard to make it into a #hummingbird garden. Well it's slow going. There are only a few plants in flower, and there were some plants the landscaper couldn't even get in at the time, and are due still to be planted. But since this is the second year that I'm putting out feeders, for this time of year, I can already see we have many more birds visiting, and visiting quite regularly. I hope that by next year we'll have a lush, semi-overgrown garden bursting with blooms.

I work from home as it is, pandemic or not, and I cannot tell you how much happiness it brings me to wander into the kitchen, make coffee, and find these little friends buzzing about. The females generally spend more time at the feeders (presumably loading up before heading back to feed their young) and while the males are insanely aggressive towards each other, the females aren't push-overs, and once they claim a feeder, watch out! I've seen them chase off finches who just wanted to perch and take a breather. It's SO fascinating to watch these little friends!! #animal #hummingbirds
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May 23 2020

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