Meeting Princess Di
I could try and do more research, but I'll leave that for another time. Here are the assumptions I make when I look at this photo:

My best guess is that Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Vancouver in 1988, the year my great aunt turned 90. Because of that, she was given a front row seat when the Prince and Princess were greeted and escorted by the mayor of Vancouver (I can't think of his name right now, but he's the guy on the right who isn't royalty ;) ) to whatever the festivities were that day. I believe my aunt must've taken this photo, and as you can see, she was close enough to touch them.

I *adore* this photo, and I'm hopeful the original still exists in some boxes of photos that were left to me when my mom passed away almost a year ago.

#princess_diana #prince_charles #royalty #not_royalty #family_photos Is that outfit #red or fuscia??
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Jun 10 2019
Thanks, Ken!
marc · Jun 11 2019
Wonderful. A perfect example of words and pictures bringing a story to life in a way that neither can do as well alone.
kenwhite · Jun 11 2019
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