Spring has sprung and I must post
In the background, Jason is running around the little kid's playground, while dad stands on the park bench, arms outstretched, #iphone in the air trying to get close to the blossoms. #spring #blossoms #blossom #bloom #cherry_blossoms #bokeh

#2019 I must say, you were a rollercoaster. Farewell to another decade of the 21st century!
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Mar 18 2019
Love it!
tistof · Apr 18 2019
Thanks Steven! Given how quickly all the trees at our local park dropped their petals, I think I really lucked out on the timing.
marc · Apr 11 2019
Gorgeous blossoms as the anthers and filaments appear to explode from the blossoms' centers!
lefteyedview · Apr 8 2019
Thanks Becky!
marc · Mar 19 2019
I love this photo.
beckycochrane · Mar 19 2019
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