Crepe Myrtle - 2
Lots of detail loss due to jpeg -- and lots of distinct leaves never compress well anyway -- but this is the same Crepe Myrtle as the previous shot, this time in color at sunset tonight. Boosted the saturation a bit, but honestly not as much as you might suspect. #leaves #iphone
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Nov 22 2020
Thanks Peter. This Crepe Myrtle, which belongs to my neighbor but now all but overwhelms the corner of their lot where it's planted, undergoes the most extraordinary color transformations.

When it's in bloom, the blossoms are the most intense pink, almost like bubblegum. And in autumn, the leaves range from yellow to red to burgundy. The shot is tweaked for saturation, but at sunset, this tree right now (or a few days ago at this point) literally glows and its red and orange colors the inside of our kitchen.

The absolute capper though is that it's home to quite a number of my beloved hummingbirds. If it's somehow now not clear, I'm in love with this tree! :)
marc · Nov 25 2020
This is a very beautiful motif with an extraordinary color scheme. I can understand you if you are not entirely satisfied with the implementation.My opinion is that your Iphone camera is overwhelmed. Too many algorithms are built into these "beasts". This and other naughtiness drive every discerning photographer crazy.

I have never taken a cell phone picture myself that I am reasonably satisfied with.

titus · Nov 24 2020
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