Summer finally winds down
This is 100% whole grain "hard red winter wheat", ground at home, and given about 14-hours to ferment and become pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself. All it took for me to hunker down, grind my own flour, and make bread as much from scratch as possible, was a global pandemic and the now annual "fire season" in California. Little things like this keep me distracted. #bread #slow #grain #distraction #wholegrain

[EDIT: #2020 Did a fair bit of this in 2020!]
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Sep 17 2020
This type of bread can still be bought in many bakeries in our region. But doing it yourself is even better ...
titus · Dec 18 2020
Had to add this: turns out the humble peanut butter cookie, made with 100% whole grain -- superb! Basically, the only way to make them now, as far as I'm concerned.
marc · Sep 19 2020
Thanks, you two! Funny what happens when you're cooped up with a toddler and losing your mind! :) To be honest, I'd had my eye on buying a grain mill for many years, and finally, with too much time on my hands, and a little one finally branching out in his eating habits, it felt like the right move to make. So far, it's been great fun, and the results are being eagerly devoured.
marc · Sep 19 2020
Wow that is good stuff and so satisfying for all the senses. Long ago in a former life I did some baking. The thought of making my own flour never even crossed my mind.
kenwhite · Sep 18 2020
I'll take an end piece, please!
lefteyedview · Sep 18 2020
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