Welcome to Photo Friday!
I had to think for a while about just what photo should be The Absolute #First photo on the all-new Photo Friday site.

And this is it. This is me, right around 1985, I think? I'm either 15 or 16-years old. Sitting on the front lawn of my parent's house. I think my sister took it. I'm now about three-times older than this jackass. He's a good guy though. A bit too sensitive. A bit prone to obsessiveness. Lousy student in the classes he didn't much care for.

Welcome to Photo Friday!

I hope it comes to mean as much to you as it does to me!
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Aug 21 2016
Thank you Alida! I'm eager to see all the ways in which Photo Friday can bring a larger and growing audience to photographers like yourself! The best is yet to come!
marc · Sep 13 2016
Finally nice to actually "see" you! Thank you Marc for making Fridays so special! I would wake up every Friday, over 11 years for me, anxious to see the new theme, and the winners from the previous week. It's been fun and I wish you many more successful Photo Friday years!
alida_thorpe · Sep 13 2016
Use #first on your first upload to Photo Friday. Can't wait to see what you pick as your first share!
marc · Sep 4 2016
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