Witches Gulch
Highlighted by beauty and shrouded in mystery, Witches Gulch captures the essence of the Dells' abundant scenic treasures. A leisurely stroll along the boardwalk may prompt thoughts of how this narrow canyon must have formed over time, with its layers and layers of sandstone. Witches Gulch is a fantastic display of nature's fury forming in just a few weeks or perhaps even days.

Here a few crepuscular rays shine through the gulch near the entrance and took everyone by surprise by this heavenly sight. The foggy day provided the perfect mix for the sun shining through. #sunlight #bright
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Feb 17 2017
I keep coming back to this photo. The combination of light streaming through the oculus like opening and color in the interior is very dramatic.
kenwhite · Feb 20 2017
titus · Feb 18 2017
knphoto · Feb 17 2017
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