Two-bit and Wall
I took up photography around the turn of the twenty-first century and this is one of my oldest photographs. It is certainly not a great image by any technical standard. It does have certain sentimental value.

This is Ogden Utah where I was born in the mid twentieth century and grew up as a free-range child. We were all free-range children then, safe to spend shirtless summers having wonderful adventures. There was only one place I was warned never to go alone. That was Twenty-Fifth Street below Washington Blvd. That was where transients lived in cheap hotels near the train yards. I admit to venturing there from time to time but my guard was always up. Now as you can see it is fully civilized and gentrified, safe for all.

It is a long way from my home in San Antonio. #street
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May 13 2018
Thanks for the comments Marc. The mountain in the background has a major ski resort on the backside. This time of year there would probably still be snow visible on the peaks.
kenwhite · May 14 2018
Loved the story, Ken, and also the photo with those hills (mountains?) looking almost like a Hollywood backdrop. I was also of the free-range child generation. Took public buses downtown by myself at the age of 7 or 8. Incredible, really, to contemplate, but those were definitely the times.
marc · May 13 2018
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