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Oilfield raw natural gas liquefaction facility. Isolated In the fields of the Edwards Plateau 50-75 miles from the nearest town. Driving across the plateau at night it appears to glow in the darkness from miles away. The ground near the plant shakes with deafening industrial power. So twentieth century. #low_light
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Nov 14 2021
Always so haunting to me, driving into industrial areas as in coastal Texas and Louisiana, how strangely beautiful the lights and flames can be against the darkness--as we pour poison into our environment.
beckycochrane · Nov 20 2021
During my grade school years I lived at around 5000 ft or 1500 meters elevation next to mountains that were much higher. The heating fuel for most people in the area was coal. On cold winter days acrid coal smoke hung in the air.
We do better now but not good enough.
The mid twentieth century mindset of industrial excess is disappearing fast. I will not pay for the climate recklessness of my lifetime. A billion other people will pay instead.
kenwhite · Nov 17 2021
This is a really nice picture, just like you find on the glossy brochures of the oil companies. However, what is the other side of the coin? You think like me.
Our earth and with it our basis of life is destroyed.I am like you an Oldy and recognize for a long time, the wrong way into the future.
titus · Nov 16 2021
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