Of Solitude and Stillness
This image was made in near total darkness. The stillness it represents is that of the mind not the physical environment. With the wind blowing coldly at around twenty mile per hour the setting is rather dynamic. Solitude conjured stillness within me and that is what I experienced.

The scene is not pristine and unchanged as it may suggest. The wild land of the Bend is balanced by the glow of Study Butte/Terlingua fifty miles away. Wilderness like gold is where you find it. I choose this place.

My life has been in part a quest to experience the lands of the American Intermountain West. They whisper to me. No matter how far away I am I hear them. The land and native people have suffered disrespect over the years. To what purpose do we do those things? Questions I no longer have the ability to physically explore. My archive is my memory.
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May 29 2021
Beauty, sadness, realness, stillness. Your photos bring the wilderness, the past and present, to us all.
beckycochrane · May 30 2021
I don't read english as much as I should but I can understand what you mean. And this picture has surely an evocative power.
caramel · May 29 2021
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