#urban I observed this guy for a while hovering over the trash can and rummaging thru for what he may find as useful. I find it interesting to watch the social construct and how he could have practically been invisible; therefore I photo shopped the pic and grayed him out. Some of the homeless people I've met use it to their benefit and others find it downright disappointing. At end of the day - I guess it comes down to the individual homeless person; yes, I've spoken to a number of them across the country to get their story, sometimes to buy them food, and other times to just stand ground (yes some of them can get very confrontational). I've found several to be aggressive in DC and Austin just for the simple fact of walking past them. But then, I found the same with other people that just appear to be part of scene....In DC, the most academically decorated homeless person is named Alfred Postell; He holds a degree in accounting, one in economics, and one in law a graduate of Harvard.
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Aug 1 2019
Thanks Peter!
jason_gilligan · Aug 3 2019
Pictures and conditions like here I also observe in our country.Well seen Jason ...

titus · Aug 1 2019
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