Superior Mother’s Murder License
#red Not a clear photo but content was captured. I truly enjoy going to Japan. Friendly people, great food, and things to see such as words, phrases, and slogans placed on shirts, bags, and other things. The Japanese like English words regardless of meaning. I was taking a photo of the shirt and was not aware of the bag making its way into the frame until I looked at the photo later. I took several photos of words that could be their own being “The Tenderloin” on girls shirt - really misplaced but funny.
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Jun 9 2019
@Marc - If I could only get that bag and shirt, I think I’d try it just to see what would happen.
jason_gilligan · Jun 22 2019
Here's hoping he doesn't try to get past TSA with that bag/slogan! :)
marc · Jun 9 2019
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