Milky Way Panorama looking East at Venus Bay
#night #stars #Milkyway #autostitch #panorama

14 photos have been combined to give a very wide view of the sky & stitched together with Autostitch. Since the EXIF data gets stripped out in the stitching process, here is a summary
C: Canon EOS 1100D EF S18-200mm Lens 26mm
E: ISO 3200 F/4 30sec (Manual Mode on Tripod)
F: RAW .cr2
WB: Auto

PP: Autostitch (stitching) Lightroon & Nik Color Efex Pro 4(clarity & tonal tweaks)

Larger image on flickr see link below
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Apr 19 2017
tim_ellis · Apr 21 2017
Remarkable image.
kenwhite · Apr 20 2017
Norm... wow! Stunning!
marc · Apr 19 2017
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