"Les vilains humains"
Ador's wild beasts send us a secret message : we are " The ugly humans" !
Just read the first letters :
Lapin (rabbit)
Eléphant (elephant)
Souris (mouse)

Vache (cow)
Iguane (iguana)
Loup (wolf)
Abeille (bee)
Iguane (iguana)
Sanglier (wild boar)

Hérisson (Hedgehog)
Unau (sloth)
Mouton (sheep)
Autruche (Ostrich)
Nid (nest)
Singe (monkey)
Lorient - Lundi 8 août 2022
#wild #streetart
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Aug 13 2022
wonderful images
kenwhite · Aug 14 2022
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