Intra Larue
I follow her in the streets since 2018 in Morlaix, Paris, Lille, Bruxelles, Tours…
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Oct 30 2021
Intra Larue could mean "inside the street" ??
"Originally, Intra Larue made plaster sculptures of her breasts for fun. Then, she started to fix them on the walls of the capital to break the taboos and spread a breath of freedom on our society. In a way, it gives the cold, graying walls of Paris a bit of humanity.
For its creations, Intra Larue is inspired by the world around it, its daily life, and works on colors and freedom. She paints her works with care and poetry, each of them having its own universe.
Regarding the location of her breasts, this is not due to chance: they must be visible to as many people as possible and as inaccessible as possible so as not to be removed.
However, despite all his precautions, many thefts took place. Following these, the street artist chose to use a more fragile plaster to prevent further attacks of this kind on her works. Indeed, it is now almost impossible to unhook them without altering them, which makes it possible to make them elusive.
Today, Intra Larue has disseminated more than 500 works through the streets of the capital, and does not intend to stop there !"
(Paris Street Art - 10 mars 2016)
caramel · Oct 30 2021
What means "Intra Larue"
and what are these 16 things? Look interesting and inspires my imagination.

The last long week I had PC abstinence. My computer became defective and crashed. I hope that this thing will work again in the foreseeable future. There is a piece of my life on the hard drive. Also obsessive....?
titus · Oct 30 2021
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