"Blowing thunder in the reed"
(Alain Souchon - Le Bagad de Lann Bihoué)
"The bombard (Breton: talabard, ar vombard) is a contemporary conical-bore double-reed instrument widely used to play traditional Breton music. The bombard is a woodwind instrument, and a member of the shawm family. Like most shawms, it has a broad and very powerful sound, vaguely resembling a trumpet. It is played as other shawms are played, with the double reed placed between the lips. The second octave is 'over-blown'; achieved via increased lip and air pressure or through the use of an octave key. It plays a diatonic scale of up to two octaves." (Wikipedia)
Lorient, Grande Parade du Festival Interceltique
Dimanche 9 août 2015
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Jan 23 2021

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