Quest for fire
The way our ancestors lighted a fire
PrĂ©histo'site du CAIRN - Saint-Hilaire-la-ForĂȘt
Lundi 21 juillet 2008
#hot #fire #flame
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Aug 15 2021
I've still enjoyed being a part of it for a long time, too. I would still like a bit more of a "challenge".
titus · Aug 16 2021
Thank you Peter.
I won't tell him what I think (except for this inovative challenge : "hot" !) because I'm always so glad to participate, regardless of the topic.
caramel · Aug 16 2021
A picture says more than many words. So also here the way of making fire. I like.

I read your opinion about "blue" pictures to Mr. North on your blog. There I agree with you. Have you emailed him this statement directly? Maybe you can make a difference. I suspect that most Friday photographers are too sluggish for change. But it would be worth a try.
titus · Aug 16 2021
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