Fri Aug 26, 2016

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Fri Dec 22, 2006


Last week we moved our email distribution list of subscribers to an announcement-only Google Group, and that appears to have gone quite well. We needed to do this because the list became impossibly large to manage (more than 6,000 subscribers! Yike!)

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Yes, it's been a year since we've posted any site news. We know, it really sucked to see, week after week, then month after month, that same message on the main page, looking sadder and sadder each time!

We promise, significant changes are coming, and truly neat stuff is already quite far in development. 2006 was an insanely busy year. Marc (Photo Friday's sole coder and primary admin) became a dad again, for the second time, and his day-job is as all-consuming as it's ever been.

We've learned not to post details of development work before it's ready to debut, but stay tuned and watch this space. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised before too long!

We thank you for your patience, and wish you the absolute best for the holidays, and a wonderful and safe new year.

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