Fri Aug 26, 2016

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Wed Nov 30, 2005


We're really pleased to announce a relatively simple but long overdue change.

For those who use the "remember" function inside the Link Viewer, we've implemented the same link highlighting feature outside the Link Viewer. You still use the Link Viewer to mark a link as remembered, but once you do, you'll be able to find those remembered links on any pages where they appear throughout the Photo Friday site.

Why would you want to "remember" a link? It makes finding favorite images a snap, and that's especially important if you participate in the weekly vote, but also when you want to come back and enjoy a participant's work another time.

How do you "remember" a link? Go into the Link Viewer, then visit a site and click "remember" in the header frame above the site. To see the site's link color change, click "reload" at the top of the list of links on the left!

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