Fri Aug 26, 2016

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Wed Oct 12, 2005

Avocado Project's "Chaos" - Chaos Challenge

For me, the 'gem' test is if I keep coming back, over and over again, to an image days and weeks after first seeing it. When an image gets the center spotlight treatment it's because we think it's so extraordinary that we can't help but want to share it with everyone.

Avocado Project's image for the Chaos Challenge is humorous, bizarre, annoying on some levels, and filled with so much content that your eye never really knows where to rest or who to call the subject. Every face dominates in turn, when you let it, and each communicates something quite different. Collectively, it creates a strange balance in the composition, and seems like a genuine moment that caught nearly every person in an awkward transition.

Let your eye roam around in this image. Take your time and linger on each face in the frame. Doing this is a good exercise for any photograph, but you'll soon see why with this one. Some will 'get' what this image is about right away, and others may not, and won't understand why we'd choose it. This is okay.

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