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Wed Feb 23, 2005

Jim Stratton's "Surf's Up" - Youth Challenge

Not so long ago, we chose all the Noteworthy selections. Getting a Noteworthy nod was our way of saying that we noticed something amazing in your work. The voting system we developed seems to work pretty well now, but we miss making personal statements on images that amaze or inspire us.

"Surf's Up" did both.

This photograph shows remarkable self-control. In lesser hands, the shadows would be rendered too dark and the lemon yellow corona of the sun would be blown out to white. There's astonishing balance in this image between the shadows, the sun, and the range of tones in between, seen mostly in the ocean.

The foreground dances with kinetics; the girl on the right, the pinpoints of light on the surf, the angle of the surfer's foot at the center of frame, the slight lens flare at the bottom of frame. The background is tranquil and balanced between the drilling platform and the swell of the mountain.

It's a perfect moment in light, and an extraordinary gem within the Photo Friday archive. We thank Jim for sharing it with us, and we hope you'll take notice of it too.

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