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Thu Oct 21, 2004

One of our most frequently asked questions is if we have buttons or banners for people to use on their sites to link to Photo Friday.

We don't, but that hasn't stopped people from creating their own. It's high time we recognize these efforts and if you'd like to see your custom banner/button on the Photo Friday site (with an attribution link back to you, of course!) then send them in.

Contact us, and in the message, include the link(s) to the image files of the buttons or banners you created. Please submit ONLY your own work, and not the ones you've seen on other sites. Also be sure to include the website address and the name you want us to use when we link to you.

After we get enough submissions we'll put up a permanent page showcasing everyone's submissions, so send 'em in!

Keep the following in mind:
1) If your button/banner is included on the showcase page, it will always remain your property, but expect that others around the internet will download it and start using it on their own sites.
2) Keep them fairly small so that they're usable by many different types of site formats, but there are no specific dimensions as far as we're concerned.
3) You don't have to use our color palette if you don't want to. Be creative and show us what you've got.
4) Submit as many as you like, but try not to duplicate the efforts of others.
5) Remember, you can't upload images through the Contact Us form. You'll have to send us the link to the image files on your hosting server. It will look something like or something like that!
6) The decision to include or exclude certain submissions is ours alone. But the odds are in your favor.

Confused? Ask us questions, we'll help!

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