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Mon Sep 20, 2004

We re-used a portion of this announcement from the first Extra Challenge, and accidentally mentioned the need to use a film camera. NO SUCH REQUIREMENT EXISTS FOR THE "2 BY 4" EXTRA CHALLENGE. Digital cameras are perfectly fine. Sorry for the confusion!

We're calling this Extra Challenge "2 by 4".

It is a twist on Nick's original challenge to me; it was that challenge that inspired us to grow Photo Friday.

Regular Challenges come without any instructions on how to interpret them. Extra Challenges are different. Each will have guidelines that participants must follow.

Rules for the "2 by 4" Extra Challenge:
1) Keep yourself safe.
2) Start outside your location (could be your home, school, workplace - it's up to you.)
3) Travel two units straight in one direction
4) Turn to your right and travel 4 units
5) Whereve you are, so long as you are safe, your mission is to creatively interpret your surroundings. Bring back and post photographic evidence to your website that you were actually there. Make the absolute best of whatever you find, no matter the subject or how mundane it might seem.

What's a unit?
Any distance that's at least a neighborhood block, but it could be as large as a kilometre or mile, if you're feeling adventurous.

Tell me again?
Go outside and walk 2 blocks north, turn east, walk 4 blocks. Stop. Take pictures of whatever you find there.

Does it have to be north?
No. Any starting direction is fine.

What if I hit the ocean or an obstacle that I can't go around?
Stop. We recommend not drowning or impacting large objects. Pick a different starting location or direction and try again.

I went there and it sucks. Do I have to take a photo there?
You do. The real heart of this challenge is seeing how well you work with what you've got. Don't give in. Don't cheat. Work it! Spend some time there. Or, come back when the lighting is different. Whatever you do, deal with what you find and make the best image you can.

This isn't fair!
Perhaps. But it will be more fun than you'd think. Try it, and if you don't like it, come back another week and try a Regular Challenge.

I've got a great idea! I'm going to take a picture of lumber. You know, a 2x4! That'll be sweet!
It will, and it will also be deleted.

All done? Come back on or after Friday October 8th to submit your link. DO NOT submit your link for this Extra Challenge into other Challenges; it will be deleted. You can, of course, post your completed photo to your website any time you like. But we will remove early and misfiled submissions.

All normal submission rules apply. This Extra Challenge replaces the Regular Challenge that would have ordinarily appeared October 8th.

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