Fri Aug 26, 2016

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Fri Sep 17, 2004

Nick and I were inspired to develop Photo Friday after a chat session when, both of us bored and frankly photographically uninspired, he pulled up a map of my home town and sent me on a mission to take creative photographic evidence that I'd been to an intersection he picked at random. I completed his challenge, and it was surprisingly fun to be forced to really look at a neighborhood where I'd never been, and find something that would work both as a photograph and as evidence that I'd completed the challenge.

Photo Friday was born of this simple idea. Nearly two years later - with nearly 25,000 link submissions under our belts, and many thousands of you visiting each day - we continue to be inspired by the talent and dedication this site attracts.

We want to celebrate the site's upcoming 2nd anniversary with a clever little Extra Challenge that is a twist on Nick's original challenge to me.

Check back Monday Sept 20th when we will post and email the details and specific rules of this next Extra Challenge.

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