Fri Aug 26, 2016

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Mon Aug 02, 2004

UPDATE: Thanks, all, who wrote in. To clarify, you should produce your images with analog (i.e. film) methods. Of course you'll need to scan those images into a computer in order to get them online! Use a film camera for this Challenge and lay aside your digital for now.

Is this fair? Well it's an Extra Challenge. It's meant to be a bit more challenging than regular ones. We're sorry if this has upset you. That's not our intent. We're just trying something different and we really do hope you'll participate.

For this first Extra Challenge, the process is the Challenge. The image you produce with your film camera is entirely up to you.

Our very first Extra Challenge is: "Analog".

Regular Challenges come without any instructions on how to interpret them. Extra Challenges are different. Each will have guidelines that participants must follow.

This one has a simple rule: NO IMAGES FROM DIGITAL CAMERAS.

Please come back on or after Friday August 20th to submit your link. DO NOT submit your link for this Extra Challenge into other Challenges; it will be deleted. You can, of course, post your completed photo to your website any time you like. But we will nuke early and misfiled submissions with a vengeance.

All normal submission rules apply. This Extra Challenge replaces the Regular Challenge that would have ordinarily appeared August 20th. If you don't have a film camera, borrow one from a friend, or consider a disposable. Otherwise, please come back the following week for a Regular Challenge.

Have fun!

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