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Fri Mar 26, 2004

Announcing 'Remember this Link'
We've implemented another new feature within the Link Viewer. When you visit a participant site, the header frame above that site will now display a 'remember' link. If you find a contribution that you like, click the 'remember' link and the Link Viewer will save a cookie in your browser so that any time you come back to that Challenge in the Link Viewer, that site's link will be colored red, making it easier to find from among other contributions.

Why did we make this feature?

Since we enabled public voting for Noteworthy we've heard from visitors that they go through rather elaborate processes to record their favorites so they can easily find them when they come back to view them or to vote for the images they liked during the voting period.

Why not just turn on voting at the start of the Challenge?

We still believe strongly that actually tallying a vote before the Challenge week concludes unfairly favors contributions that come at the start of the week. Remember This Link doesn't affect voting tallies. You will still need to return to the site during the voting period, but now it will be easier to find your favorites, should you still wish to vote for them.

What if I want to forget a site?

Easy! Visit the site again and you'll notice the 'remember' link has turned into a 'forget' link. Click that link and the site will no longer be remembered and its link color will change back to blue.

What about privacy? Do you know if I've marked a site to be remembered?

Yes, we will log both 'remember' and 'forget' actions, but we can't know the identity of who's doing it, nor can the linked participant know who you are or that any memory actions have been taken.

What can I do to help?

Please let us know if you encounter any problems using it. This feature will not work if you have cookies disabled in your web browser. Sorry about that.

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