Fri Aug 26, 2016

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Fri Mar 12, 2004

Photo Friday has been advertising-free since the beginning. We've happily paid all costs out of pocket because - as corny as it sounds - this site is a labor of love.

However, as Photo Friday grows we're faced with growing expenses associated with producing the site. Starting this week we will begin accepting advertising - in the form of a small graphic banner beneath our copyright - as a way to defray our costs and to hopefully build some surplus capital to allow for improvements to the site, especially its hardware. Our growth over the past year has exceeded even our wildest dreams, and we really hope all of you will understand and accept this change as a necessary part of our growth.

Absolutely nothing about our privacy policy has changed. Under no circumstances will your email address be shared with advertisers. We will not allow advertising through the weekly newsletter.

Our first advertiser, Jewelboxing, makes a product we truly believe will be of interest to you as photographers. We really hope you'll take some time and visit their site to find out all about it.

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