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Mon Jan 12, 2004

The voting period concluded last night and the Noteworthy selections for 'Best of 2003' are up. The images you chose are awesome, and we encourage everyone to check out those links.

Your feedback about voting was mostly positive, and we're pretty happy with how things went. We think voting will remain a feature of the site.

Here are public answers to some questions we got:

Why can't I vote for the current Challenge?
We think delaying the start of the vote until after the Challenge week concludes gives latecomers a chance to participate in the vote on equal footing. If voting started at the same time the Challenge was posted, this would unfairly favor those who submit their links at the start of the Challenge week since their link would have a longer vote exposure duration.

Why can't I see the number of votes my link received?
We believe showing this information has the potential to sway votes. The active vote tally may also be misleading since duplicate ballot elimination is currently a manual, off-line activity.

Will you remind us when voting starts?
Yes! We plan to include a reminder on the main page of the site that will automatically appear telling everyone when it's time to vote. We should have that in place in time for the next vote on Friday morning.

How are ties handled?
We (Marc & Nick) will cast any tie-breaking votes.

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