Fri Aug 19, 2016

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Fri Aug 19, 2016

The future of Photo Friday

Dear friends,

I'm so happy to announce that Photo Friday is about to undergo a radical transformation!

For well over a year I've been designing, developing and testing an all-new Photo Friday site. It's a complete overhaul in every sense of the word.

Here's a tiny sample of what you can expect:

* Upload and share your photos directly from Photo Friday!
* Easy ways to interact with members, follow photographers you admire, post comments.
* The new site works great from mobile phones and desktop computers alike.
* The weekly Challenges will remain a feature of the site (of course!) but they are entirely optional.
* So much more, I can't wait to show you all of it!

I've hammered on the new site like a madman for what feels like forever, and while I believe everything's ready, the last phase before the public roll-out is to offer you my personal invitation to a private beta test!

Would you help me by becoming a tester?

I'm hoping to assemble a group of fifty to a hundred volunteers. Testing is pretty easy, and all I'd ask you to do is use and explore the new site in whatever ways you feel you want to. Then, note anything that seems problematic, and let me know whatever you think needs attention. Bugs, if you find any, should be top of your list to report!

What do you get for being a beta tester?

If you decide to stick around after the new site goes live, you will A) hold a spot in my heart forever, of course, and B) enjoy a special perk or two for as long as you have an account. Details about that will be shared only with the beta testing community!

Where do I sign up to become a beta tester?

Please send email to betasignup (at) photofriday (dot) com and PLEASE BE SURE to include some information about yourself. If you're a participant on our current site, what link name do you use, and what URL can I find you at?

Empty messages sent to that email will be deleted, so make sure to say something in the body of the message that lets me know you're interested in testing. You will NOT be subscribed to anything, nor will I allow any other shenanigans to befall your email address. That's not how Photo Friday rolls. However, beta testers will be emailed a few times during the beta, mostly instructions, maybe an update on progress, and a follow-up at the end before the site goes public. I predict much of that email will be one-to-one, from me directly, and not in some scripted format.

When enough testers have signed up, any email to betasignup (at) photofriday (dot) com will get an automatic reply saying that signups have closed.

After the testing team has been selected, I'll email everyone and explain the next steps.

Well this email was way longer than it should've been, but I'm excited and hope you are too!

Thank you everyone!! There are SO MANY OF YOU who have stayed with Photo Friday for years and years and I can't wait to show you what I've been working on! Photo Friday has needed big and meaningful changes for ages now. I hope you'll agree the new direction is where it needs to go.

I'll keep everyone updated as the public launch gets closer.

Very best wishes,

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Thu Nov 26, 2015

Michael Shindler - Tintype Portraits

Michael Shindler creates and develops an ultra large-format tintype of Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, in real time on stage in front of a live audience. You will not want to miss this!

Watch on YouTube

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Fri Jun 05, 2015


Photography lost a giant on May 25 2015.

Mary Ellen Mark - New York Street

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