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1: Will Burnham
2: Emese G.
3: Junnie
4: Brett Bugle KY
5: Eric Wagoner
6: Rob Glazebrook
7: Tristan
8: tia
10: kirsty
11: Rasmus
12: Mr Mist
13: Jayseaka
14: Rhys
15: Liisa
16: Tarra
17: pj
18: randy
19: EasyWriter
20: gyrovague
21: lisa-marie
22: Lynn R.
23: Peter Anderson
24: gerda
25: DreaBeth
26: Bryan J Busch
27: melanie
28: nukie.net
29: Tine
30: Lyn Never
31: Molly Zero
32: Amy Kropp
33: Niall
34: Maria
35: charles gagalac
36: Jeff Campbell
37: Vernon
39: Linda
40: A. Whitmire
41: Yen
42: iain
43: David
44: Manda
45: teeta
46: Albert
47: John L
48: Joel Schilling
49: Stacy
50: Dave S.
51: Tina Tang
52: gimmy
53: kim
54: simon
55: alyshajane
56: tracey*
57: christine
58: Grace - Larawan
59: Ben Lewis
60: beth
61: andrea
62: Mila
63: kelly belly
64: Frank D.
65: Patty
66: Chris Rothwell
67: Angeline
68: Erin Werle.
69: Juli
70: Billthemarmet
71: emily
72: me & my 3020z
73: Melanie
74: Mitch
75: lynn
76: martin
77: Daniel
78: truck808
79: Mickey
80: Lee Ann
81: Lala
82: Ari
83: rockinronnie
84: photojunkie
85: woodencracker
86: Jaemie
87: Cybertoad
88: Danielle Warby
89: battybaby
90: drew
91: SteveB
92: Polypboy
93: GoodGrieves
94: conan
95: kulesh.org
96: RobbyB
97: Amanda
98: matthew
99: Berlin
100: juliancho
101: Tudy
102: Julie Garren
103: flo
104: vanilla lime
105: Pastor Castor
106: Szilvia
107: Jennifer K.
108: maria g
109: Helen
110: katesbattle
111: Just for B.
112: massimo
113: RasterWeb!
114: hool
115: Ilkeston Cam
116: Megan
117: SRH
118: jdroth
119: rosebaby
120: norio
121: HR
122: mualk
123: NMC
124: drenaud
125: HolyMoment
126: RDOwens
Spring - Fri Apr 04, 2003

This week's challenge: "Spring". We're trying something different this week. To make things more fair, we're delaying turning on the link function until a randomly-selected time on Friday. We think this will give people not on the mailing list, and those in other time zones, a better shot at grabbing the top spots "above the fold". What do you think? Let us know through feedback. UPDATE: A while back we changed the site so that Challenge links will stay gray after you've clicked them. It was a small but important change, and it helps everyone know which links are new. We don't think being "above the fold" is any better than any other spot on the list, and it certainly isn't the goal of the site to see people race to be first with their submission. But we're pretty sure that links nearer the top get more traffic than those further down. It's pretty clear from your feedback that you don't like the delay for submitting links, so we're bringing that to an end right away. We will continue to get the weekly challenge online by around midnight of Friday, but this can vary with our schedules. Two interesting ideas were suggested: 1: Randomize the entire list of links. 2: Sort the link list so that newest is on top, oldest on bottom. Both would be very easy changes to make. Let us know your thoughts. So in the final analysis, I think we tried to fix something that maybe wasn't broken. Maybe we don't need to make any changes to the link list at all. If we upset you, please accept our apology. We thought we were making it more FUN, but instead we made it NUF (the opposite of fun.) We're learning, and you're a great group of very patient participants. Thank you everyone!

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